About Us

We are Laura and Alan Falk, owners and operators of Experience! The Finger Lakes in Ithaca, NY.  We have lived and experienced the Finger Lakes for over 25 years.  After 20 years working "straight-jobs" - Alan as a software engineer, and Laura, first as a manager in a software company, and then as a nutrition researcher at Cornell University - we began to yearn  for the "next big adventure".

Our epiphany came in 2006 on a 3-week RV trip in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks.  We used a wonderful touring company to help plan our trip, and one morning while studying our custom  itinerary, we looked at each other and said, "We can do this!  We live in a wonderful tourist destination, and while there is so much to do, there is nobody in the area that helps pull it all together for our visitors"!

Six-months later, Experience! The Finger Lakes, LLC was founded.  We consider ourselves concierge to the region - providing our guests maximum enjoyment with minimal effort.

Our overall mission is to have you Experience! the Finger Lakes as we do; being in awe of its natural beauty, its cultural abundance, its recreational opportunities, and its historical significance. Our goal is to have every guest understand why those of us who live here stay here, and those who visit come back again and again. Let us share our experience with you ...Explore...Engage...Experience!



Laura & Alan at the summit of Old Rag in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia


Meet the Other Members of the Experience! The Finger Lakes® Team:



Rachel is our  veteran Experience! The Finger Lakes guide, and our bachelorette specialist. Rachel's experience in hospitality and wine service makes her a natural tour guide.  When not touring, Rachel is a yoga instructor in Ithaca.

Steph comes to us from Six Mile Creek winery, adding her expertise and love of wine to the team as a tour guide.  She is a Vet Tech when not talking about wine, so don't forget your photos of Fido and Felix when you visit.


Chris comes to us as a tour guide with over 10 years of fine dining expertise, so expect him to provide fabulous insights on our culinary tours.  He is also an fabulous artist.  Ask to see his gorge and waterfall series - awesome!



Elizabeth's background is entertainment, and you will recognize this in the first 5 seconds of meeting her! She a born and raised Texan, but a true Ithacan at heart. When not touring, Elizabeth teachers virtual ESL classes, and is fluent in Spanish.


Grace.  We are thrilled to have Grace join the E!FLX team as our Office Assistant.  She looks forward to talking with you and helping you plan the perfect visit.  Grace is also a professional harpist (http://gsharpist.webs.com/) and makes delicious jams and preserves that we hope to incorporate as some new pairings on our tours





 SCIENCE SHOWS WHY YOU SHOULD TOUR WITH EXPERIENCE! THE FINGER LAKES:  Research out of Cornell say that when it comes to getting the most value for your dollar, experiences matter more than possessions! A study by psychology professor Thomas Gilovich shows that happiness from an experience (such as a an Experience! The Finger Lakes tour) lasts longer than from an object like a big screen TV. So everybody, maximize your happiness!!  Turn the tv off and start experiencing!!!